Copper castings delhi.Our company supplies all types of formidable range of Copper Alloys Casting. Pure copper-based alloys have high continuous teristics properties and are produced in the form of rod, strip and hollow. Due to exceedingly high toxicity of cadmium, stringent environment controls are mandatory, therefore it is imperative to find a suitable alternative material. For this purpose, we offer a variety of copper base alloy castings. Customers can avail these products at market leading prices.

Casting Hollow And Solid Bar
We are engaged in offering our clients with casting Hollow and solid Bar. All our products are widely used in various industries and are known for their durability, dimensional accuracy and abrasion & corrosion resistance. Available in various sizes, these are widely used for elbow, pipes, tapes, corks and other hydraulic fittings. Apart from this, our rods and bars are also used for pressure tight bearing bushes pumps and valves.

Copper Based Alloy Castings hot
Copper based Alloy Castings are produced in a number of alloys like gunmetal, phosphor bronze, aluminum bronze, leaded bronze, manganese bronze, cu pro-nickels etc. conforming to IS, BS:1400, DIN and ASTM standards. Copper based Alloy Castings are also made to withstand pressure. Chemical and physical properties are guaranteed. High-purity coppers and most of the copper-based alloys have good continuous teristics and are produced in the form of rod, strip and hollow. Because of the exceptional high toxicity of cadmium, stringent environmental controls are mandatory, hence the necessity to find suitable alternative material.

Copper Metal Casting
Our customers can avail Copper Metal Castings, which are known for its effectual functioning among our valued clients. These Copper Alloy Casting are extensively used in various applications like automobile and engineering.

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